Secret question

How to use this service

This service allows you to increase your security level. You are being asked to do this so that Centrelink can increase protection over services that allow access to your personal and sensitive information.

To increase your security level you need to correctly answer one or more of your previously provided Secret Questions, depending on the security level required by the service you are attempting to access.

You must have the minimum number of secret questions and answers recorded to use this service. If you do not have enough secret questions and answers to use this service you can set more online using 'Set Secret Questions and Answers'.

For privacy reasons, once you start using this service, you will be "timed out" if you do not continue to use it by clicking on a field, entering information or scrolling up or down the page at least once every fourteen minutes.

What are Secret Questions and Answers

Your secret questions and answers would have been provided when you registered, upgraded your registration, or after you first logged on to use Customer Online Services, using the 'Set Your Secret Questions and Answers' option. If you have less than the minimum required number you will be prompted to enter more each time you log on to Customer online Services. Your secret questions and answers are used to help increase protection over your personal and sensitive information.

Your secret questions and answers will be encrypted and cannot be read by Centrelink staff.