What is Centrepay and how does it work?

Centrepay is a direct bill paying service for customers receiving payments from Centrelink... more

How does Centrepay benefit your business?

With Centrepay, you have the opportunity to receive regular fortnightly payments directly from customers... more

What support is provided to your business?

As a Centrepay service provider you will be supported by your state account manager, a dedicated helpdesk, reports and... more

How to apply to become a Centrepay service provider

To apply to become a Centrepay service provider follow these steps... more

Your CentrePay reports

Your CentrePay reports

Centrepay can help you

Account Managers:

Centrepay Telephone Icon For more information about Centrepay, contact your state or territory Account Manager... more

Case study:

Centrepay Childcare Icon Lorem ipsum sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aeanean rec ligula eget pede venenatis ultices... more

DaCS Newsletter:

Centrepay Internet Icon For the latest on Centrelink DaCS services, download the brochure... more