Centrelink - Report a Suspected Fraud

About this service

This online service allows you to provide information to Centrelink about an individual, business or organisation you think is getting a payment or service from Centrelink they should not be getting. You can find out more about fraud and how it is detected and reported by visiting the Fraud section of our website.


When recording a suspected fraud if you are unsure about the response to a question, or simply do not know the information being asked, do not record anything for that question and proceed to the next question. You are not required to respond to questions you do not know the answer to.

Will my information be secure?

This online service uses secure communications to protect your privacy. Please read the privacy notice and the privacy & security statement prior to using this service.

Information Privacy

Centrelink can only collect personal information that is relevant to services provided by Centrelink. Information that is not related to Centrelink functions, such as the individual to whom the information relates to "is a drug-user", "fights with a neighbour" etc, is not relevant and as such should not be recorded. There are alternative agencies which can be contacted for you to provide this information such as the Police and the Department of Community Services.

Who the information is about

You can make a report about a person, a business or an organisation. Please select the appropriate report below:

Type of report